There should be some pain in every life, but most men hope to avoid pain in the penis whenever possible. Of course, taking measures to ensure excellent penile health is a way to avoid pain in the penis, and this includes ensuring that the Valm lubricant is used during sex. But these days there are several different types of lubricants available. How does a guy know which ones to use?

Forget the taste

First, just remove flavored lubricants from the list if we are talking about sex with a woman here. Some may ask why? After all, if previous games would involve some oral activity, why shouldn’t the experience be tastier for the one who performs this oral activity?

Well, if the activity is limited to oral sex, continue. But if the menu has vaginal penetration, it is better to avoid flavored lubricants. Not because they do not work, but because they contain sugar. Sugar is great for taste, but it also significantly increases the likelihood of a vaginal fungal infection, and it’s also not fun.

Water, silicone or oil?

The most popular lubricants are of three types, classified by their basis: water, silicone and oil. Each has its own pros and cons.


Water-based lubricants are usually the cheapest, but their lowest price does not mean poor quality. It just means that water-based production is more economical. Water-based lubricants typically work with almost all condoms (but not all; it is best to check if a particular condom recommends using water-based lubricants). Those who love sex toys most often need to use a water-based product, as they are more compatible with typical materials for sex toys.



Men who like sex in the shower should definitely consider silicone based lubricants. It is waterproof, so it’s natural to play a little in the bathroom. Most condoms are also resistant to silicone (although, again, this is good to check in advance).

Silicone has an advantage over water in the lubrication department because it stays on the skin longer and does not need frequent repeated use. However, it cannot be used in sex toys made of silicone, as this will lead to their rapid destruction.


Don’t even think about using oil-based lubricants in latex condoms. They can cause damage, which can be disastrous. Those in a relationship where condoms are not used may prefer oil lubricants because of their longevity. However, they are dirty to clean.