Sex therapist Thailand – All in The Family counselling has the best Sex therapists in South Asia

Why is Sex important?

Sex is a natural process and is very common among people. Sexual functioning, sexual preference, sexual know-how, and sexual intimacy make up the numerous components that people are seeking out when wanting to enhance their enjoyment of sex. Their USA clinically educated sex therapist thailand is professional in the various mental health and courting issues that affect people and couples who need a better sex existence.

Women’s Sexual issues:

sex therapist thailand

  • Fear of sex
  • The difference is sexual desires
  • Decrease in desire after the birth of a child
  • Issues arising due to menopause
  • The discomfort of talking about sex with a partner
  • Pain during sex
  • Fearing sex because of bad sexual experiences

Men’s Sexual issues:

  • Erectile issues
  • Low desire
  • Sex performance because of aging
  • Sexual Anxiety
  • A weak connection with a partner

Couples Therapy:

  • Trust issues
  • Sexual issues conflicting with family planning
  • Anxiety issues of the partner
  • Lack of sexual intimacy over a long period
  • Difficulties talking about the sex the partner or you desire
  • Sexual issues after infidelity
  • Intimacy issues
  • Difficulties of having sex because of the high level of conflicts


All in the Family Counselling can help couples married or not to have better sexual intimacy. Their experienced sex therapists can help the couples in working out their problems whether it is dealing with anxiety or something else.